Christmas Card 2005 — Merry Christmas Tree!

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Christmas Card 2005 -- Merry Christmas Tree!

For the 2005 Christmas card Paris suggested “trees.” As time was running out I continued to mention that we needed to get cracking on the cards. When I mentioned it one night at dinner everyone moaned. Frustrated, I said “you can make a tree out of anything!” Then, I grabbed the greens that were left in the salad bowl and quickly threw down a “tree.” I liked it so I got some dried cranberries for the garland and piece of pretzel for the trunk. Everyone got their trees done that night, with Mary’s being the most skillful, and time-consuming.

The backgrounds were removed and the trees were combined on a single white background. This time we had them printed at Kodak.

Clockwise from top left: Tracy, Paris, Mary, Mars

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