SGM – Aggression

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SGM - Aggression

  • Artist: SGM
  • Title: Aggression
  • Year: 1988
  • Format: Vinyl 12 in.
  • Rating (1-10): 1
  • Owner: Tracy
  • Acquired: 1988 – We got this as a promo at our store RIP Records in Norfolk, VA.
  • Keeper: No

Updated November 14, 2006

SGM, not to be confused with the prog-metal band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. The latter makes some pretty interesting and sophisticated music. This album is so bad I considered not even documenting it. The only thing that changed my mind is that the cover art is a painting by Robert Williams. This is a lame metal/punk “crossover” album with moronic lyrics.

For another opinion on SGM’s Aggression see this interview at the metal site An excerpt is below:

What is the most embarrassing album in your own private album collection. (How/why did you get it?)
It is an LP of SGM called aggression. I think I heard it just once! I bought it by mailorder because of the description of the music style. So, this is a good example for listen to the music before buying it. I never had disappointment like that again.

28 Comments on “SGM – Aggression”

  1. 1 A punk said at 8:16 pm on November 13th, 2006:

    It’s a good thing we have hollowed out derivatives lacking harmonics, such as yourself, to attempt to categorize and judge things so far over your head that you cannot even make out the vapor trails. Enjoy a life of ignorance, you’ve earned it.

  2. 2 Tracy Sigler said at 8:03 pm on November 14th, 2006:

    Wow! I got two of these comments on the same day. Except the other threatend violence and relied on a bunch expletives to make his(?) point. Shocking! So, I didn’t approve it. I’m still waiting for the other band members to comment.

    I didn’t realize heavy metal tough guys were so sensitive. I don’t like the record, but I didn’t mean hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s not that I don’t like metal. In fact this site is even named after a metal song, a good one by Judas Priest.

    A friend suggested making “hollowed out derivatives lacking harmonics” the site tag line. I like it so much that I just may do that. Brilliant!

  3. 3 mike bobis said at 6:05 pm on December 4th, 2006:

    Actually, I played guitar on most of the tracks and drums on “tap the keg”. In all fairness, we were in high school when most of this was recorded. I don’t think any of us intended for this to become our day job (it hasn’t, although one did become a doctor). It doesn’t bother me at all what was written as I like the album for what it is, cheaply made, fun music by a bunch of kids who don’t take themselves, or the music too seriously.
    “Bobis on the drums”

  4. 4 MIKE SHERADIAN said at 2:55 am on January 23rd, 2007:

    Hey Tracy,

    SGM – Aggression rocks, and rocks your socks off. It is a rare album which documents the beginning of grunge.
    Produced by well known Godfather of Grunge – sir Jack Endino, this album is a collectors item.
    I wish I would have had it in my collection
    A rare out of print GRUNGE GEM…..

    Not to be missed….
    Pure early seattle haze grunge..bye for now
    send me the album if you dont want it…..peace

  5. 5 sgMm said at 11:37 pm on September 20th, 2007:

    i had this tape….. i agree, it sucks. good to know that it was made by highschool kids, though.
    i was in high school when i bought it… loved the cover.
    the track “blow job” is pretty classic though.

    collectors item?!? no. “gurnge gem” um… no. out of print…. yup. thank god.

  6. 6 Ernie Schramm said at 2:53 am on February 8th, 2008:

    This album was very cool , with some pretty catchy tunes!
    Definetly a rare Northwest Classic!

    I remember being at a party in Olympia Washington way back in the day and one the dudes from the band gave me a demo tape.(I wish I still had it.)
    Anyways I thought it was great and so did all my buddies who listened to it.
    I think I also seen these guys play a show at the Pine Street Threater in Portland Oregon.
    Good Stuff!

  7. 7 Shirilla said at 5:28 pm on April 26th, 2008:

    AGGRESSION is one of the most classic records ever recorded. Brilliant in ’88. Brilliant 20 years later. Just sayin…

  8. 8 Mike Desert said at 2:26 am on November 10th, 2008:

    I got this record in the 80s and hated it! then after a while it grew on me so much I got the Cassette version! I think I got it cuz they thanked the Melvins on it. Anyways, “Tap the keg” was dorky, but punk and metal bands around that time were throwing the odd “rap” song on their records ( Doggy Style come to mind).

    Anyways, I always wondered what happened to those guys… the vocals were pretty original and somewhere in that heavy grungy psychedelic mess, is something that made me take that tape on many a road trip!
    -Mike Desert

  9. 9 capt blackout said at 6:18 pm on March 3rd, 2009:

    this is the greatest record of all time. Green River meets the Accused at Mike Vraney’s house.

  10. 10 Mr, Salty said at 6:53 pm on March 3rd, 2009:

    This album is damn good. I remember rocking it back in the day, and i still do go back to it…

    true story, Chris Cornell used to listen to Mike Loser’s screams before soundgarden shows to get pumped up…

    why would somebody hate on this GEM? becuase they don’y know any better….

  11. 11 Borat said at 2:24 pm on August 15th, 2009:

    quite decent and some nice solos. is nice! Borat

  12. 12 exzoomer said at 10:40 pm on September 9th, 2009:

    just found a copy of SGM’s Aggression,..has a bit of accused in the ingredients…great fun for rare collectors

  13. 13 Troy said at 7:56 pm on September 27th, 2009:

    SGM Aggression….The title says it all.If your not into heavy original thrash from back in the day then not for you, if your an old school thrasher then….KILLER Classic. best of luck finding it.

  14. 14 Chris said at 7:13 pm on February 18th, 2010:

    I played guitar for this band too. It was made up of three demo tapes I played on the last one. I think Acid Rain, Back in circlation, She and Do Me. The singer did not take himself any too seriously. Glad I was there.


  15. 15 Tracy Sigler said at 7:19 pm on February 18th, 2010:

    Maybe I should loosen up and give this another listen. ;)

  16. 16 OEY said at 12:44 am on April 12th, 2010:

    I am THE biggest fan of this band. Kinda figured you all were dead by now. Saw a live show in Henderson, Nevada(the hidden, common folk of Vegas) The show had to be around 1990. I sold 9 hits of acid that night and took the other one. Great show,Great party. A skin-head group called in a bomb scare to the show and cut the night short. When the your set was over I was up there with you guys. You were tryin’ to sell some stuff (anything to get some food money?) I was lovin’ the show and tried to buy a $5 dollar CD. I was digging through my pockets for money and only dug out 2 dollars; ok, but I was trippin’ and KNEW I had more money but couldn’t find it. You(I don’t know who, lead singer maybe) gave me the CD for $2. I played the CD at the next 5 parties I went to, and quite often rocked out to it on my own.(Like Crap On Toast You Are to Me) Great fuckin’ show man, fuck these posers, I was there! Obviously my life was a little wild back then. That CD and EVERYTHING ELSE I owned disappeared 10 times throughout the years,but that show will never leave me. (it was at the Elks Lodge on Lake Mead. Have ramdomly been searchin’ you guys, this is my first hit. Would Love to get my $2 CD back. GOOD BAND, GREAT SHOW! OEY.

  17. 17 MIKE SHERADIAN said at 6:39 am on April 12th, 2010:

    Hi Tracy,

    Definately loosen up on this one, and Give it a Spin..

    Like I said in my earlier comment, this is a classic, and sad to note , you picked up on this one…

    This album, I should say heralded the beginning of alternative – grunge, So dont miss it..and ride on the bus..

    Just Sayin…..

  18. 18 NW OldSchool said at 11:04 pm on May 24th, 2010:

    This album was epic!

    With that said..
    This band definitely deserves a tribute….
    So we made a Facebook tribute page dedicated to these guys!
    If you are on Facebook then check it out.
    Also feel free to add stuff to it.

  19. 19 Joey said at 4:44 pm on June 18th, 2010:

    SGM- Aggression. Man, I remember buying this at Off The Record in Royal Oak, Michigan in cassette form. I just took a chance and tried it….and loved it. I still have the cassette, but would love to have this in CD form. It has a very unique sound and being a huge Accused fan, I dug the sound of the vocals since it seemed slightly inspired by Blaine. I have searched every so often for SGM on the internet as the poster above said, and this is all I have found. Too bad it was dissed, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. At any rate, this is an under the radar classic in my eyes. “Aggression, revenge will be mine, all mine!”

  20. 20 MIKE SHERADIAN said at 4:49 am on July 20th, 2010:

    SGM….AHHHHHH….SHOT GUN MAMA(SGM)… fact I read on internet somewhere taht it is listed as one of the top 10 albums which deserved to be released on CD…commeneted by Adam Tepedelen…on of Grunge’s masters….

    They were basically trying to play accused stuff… and putting an alternative spin on it…helped by jack endino..who twisted the knobs…trying to play slower punk music..and succeded.

  21. 21 David said at 2:02 am on August 5th, 2010:

    Wow, when I found this blog, I could not believe it! There are actually some other people who dig SGM? This is one of my favorite LP’s of all time and it still stands the test of time! Favorite song from the LP is “Acid Rain”, I had to transfer my LP over to CD because I hardly get a chance to spin a Record anymore (a shame), they for sure need to put this on CD and it would be long overdue! When I bought this LP, I was listening to stuff like Metallica and Overkill, I was blown away with the raw energy from the Music of SGM. The only SGM track I have been able to find on officialy on CD format is “POWER” and that is on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre III “LEATHERFACE” CD. If any of the guys from the Band read this, re-release the recording on CD and throw some other stuff in with it, that is if there is anything else out there?

  22. 22 Holy_Milk said at 3:03 pm on December 9th, 2010:

    I can’t belive the review im hearing about this album. Its such a good album. So catchy, its not just the same regualar thrash riffs you hear in a lot of bands. I just bought it at a rocord store yesterday.and alreayd ive listened to it 4 times already. I can’t belive i came up on this. I love thrash metal. i dont fuck with any new thrash metal. Toxic Holocaust and other wack fucking thrash bands dont do shit for me. just municipal waste. warbringer sucks. im just saying. i came up on this album in vinyl. SO thats how i roll.

  23. 23 Holy_Milk said at 3:15 pm on December 9th, 2010:

    and i love the kiss cover in the end of the album. it took me a while to guess who they were covering cause i havent listen to kiss in a while. couple months.

  24. 24 The King said at 12:07 pm on May 3rd, 2011:

    Wow, S.G.M. I’ve owned this on cassette for years, Love this album! Take it for what it is, a bunch of young guys having fun.Still enjoying listening to it to this day.It has the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest, the fun of the Mono men and Mudhoney and Young Fresh Fellows, guys having a good time.Thanks to SGM for putting out this rare gem.

  25. 25 MIKE SHERADIAN said at 8:04 am on June 23rd, 2011:

    SGM – Aggression will stand the test of time, come what may. It is a rare out of print GEM. cant believe it is 21 years earlier, I was in Seattle listening to this record, wonderin’ where the music was goin’, grunge was just around the corner.
    just amazing, mindblowing band, who dared to be different, bobbis, mike loser, how bout some jaegarmiester…..

  26. 26 LizardGirl said at 6:03 pm on October 19th, 2012:

    OH MY GOD – SO GLAD TO SEE THE COMMENTS. Bummed about the bad review. I LOVE this record and these guys were so legit…..they were 15 and 16 (so was I) when they made this record and everyone loved them,

    I was 15 and SGM played my “teenage summer of sex” in Tacoma a couple of times. Great shows. Community World Theater wih Circle Jerks and Seven Seconds? OMG! I made out with Capt. Balckout in a brown Dodge van, so hot!


  27. 27 Brian said at 8:04 pm on February 11th, 2013:

    I liked this! I still have an old cassette that I picked up because it was produced by Jack Endino. It’s not groundbreaking or even very original but it’s an OK listen for fans of late eighties crossover and skate punk.

  28. 28 rob said at 6:11 am on April 2nd, 2013:

    I love this album! I grew up in Seattle and used to check out local shows every weekend, unfortunately SGM was the only band I never got to see. I did however find some download links for six of the songs (if you Google sgm aggression I believe the sight is called hairsprayqueen). Awesome band and I haven’t heard anybody similar since.

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