Various Artists — Wave News – The New Generation of Music

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Various Artists -- Wave News - The New Generation of Music

“Wave News”? Must be a German thing. Gotta love that sweet colored vinyl. We’ll definitely keep this “limitierte auflage” compilation because it’s a crazy mixed bag of “new generation” music from 1980 and ’81, released in ’82. I split the foldout in two so you can get a good look a whats-his-face from Depeche Mode. What is he, thirteen? Sporting that look I doubt he made it to lunch before being mistaken for a girl. My favorite track is definitely “Disco Man” by The Damned, followed closely by “Countdown” by U.K. Subs. Mary says she got this at a record store in D.C.

Tracklisting from

A1 Depeche Mode New Life (3:42)
A2 Damned, The Disco Man (3:18)
A3 Max Meldau Shutdown (3:46)
A4 Lovely Previn From A To B (3:13)
A5 Eyeless In Gaza Faceless (3:11)
A6 Jo Broadberry & The Standouts Footsteps In The Dark (3:26)
A7 China Doll China Doll (3:18)
A8 Medium Medium Hungry, So Angry (3:56)
B1 Au Pairs Inconvenience (2:55)
B2 Fad Gadget Pedestrian (3:14)
B3 Dead Kennedys Too Drunk To F… (2:39)
B4 Thomas Leer Letter From America (4:36)
B5 Exploited, The Hitler’s In The Charts Again (2:36)
B6 Eddie Maelov & Sunshine Patteson* Another Teardrop (3:46)
B7 Bloodless Pharaos Bloodless Pharao (6:09)
B8 UK Subs Countdown (4:55)

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