President Obama Shaking Hands, Grove Park Inn Golf Course, Asheville

Author: tracysigler | Posted: April 24th, 2010 | | Tags: , , | 9 Comments »

My daughter caught this on the Flip cam. Jump to the end to see President Obama tee off, then speak to us as he drove by. This is the golf course at Grove Park Inn. The tee is right by our back yard. We get to hear people yell “fore” and less polite things all day.

Then Paris walked down a few houses to catch him again. Unfortunately, that’s when he decided to walk back to our group and shake hands with everybody. So Mars and I got the introduction and handshake, but no video. Paris gets a handshake in the video below, but only her hand is on camera. ;) Fun day.

9 Comments on “President Obama Shaking Hands, Grove Park Inn Golf Course, Asheville”

  1. 1 Jenny said at 11:18 am on April 24th, 2010:

    How exciting! Wish I could have been there with you.

  2. 2 Ben said at 11:25 am on April 24th, 2010:

    Awesome! I can’t believe the access you got!
    Thanks for posting this. Here in VA people flip me off ad yell things in traffic just for having an Obama bumper sticker.

  3. 3 Tracy Sigler said at 1:03 pm on April 24th, 2010:

    Yeah, Obama’s a cool cat, cracking jokes and all (not in the video unfortunately). There were no press people anywhere around that I could tell. Just some neighbors hanging out in the back once we saw the roads blocked off. The guy is shorter than I thought, and had cold hands. ;)

  4. 4 Pam said at 1:33 pm on April 24th, 2010:

    This is so cool, Tracy!

  5. 5 Jamie said at 8:02 am on April 25th, 2010:

    The Pres is a good dude, but the coolest person in this video is Paris.

  6. 6 Tracy Sigler said at 10:04 am on April 25th, 2010:

    Ha ha. I’ll make sure to tell her.

  7. 7 Dulcita Love said at 1:11 pm on April 25th, 2010:

    Meeting The President in your own backyard. Who would’ve known. Cool!

  8. 8 Patricia said at 6:27 pm on April 25th, 2010:

    I agree with Jamie, Ms P is the coolest.

  9. 9 Jesse said at 8:49 am on April 26th, 2010:

    Great job Paris!

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