Stick it in ‘D’ for DO IT!

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stick shift(Photo by brutalSoCal)

When I was a kid my Dad would sometimes make a joke after we would get in the car. He’d say “stick it in ‘R’ for race!” Even as a youngster I knew ‘R’ was for reverse, and the image of flooring it in reverse always made me laugh. Recently, I was heading out on a road trip with my wife. I had a large amount of coffee that morning. As we were leaving I said “stick it in ‘D’ for DO IT!” That got a good laugh from her, which is always a top priority for me, and so it has stuck with me.

I feel like I often stick it in R or N without noticing. Next thing I know days, weeks, months, and even years have gone by and I’m not driving in the direction I want. I come up with all sorts of games to keep myself in D, and “doing it”, but they never seem to fool me very long before I need to come up with another “system.” Maybe that’s all bullshit. Maybe elimination is all I need. Or maybe I just need a kick in the ass from a loved one, friend, coach etc.

I met Mark Bell last year but I certainly don’t really know him. That said, I feel like I know him from watching the excellent documentary Bigger Stronger Faster at least twice, and from watching a countless number of his YouTube posts. Most of Mark’s YouTube posts are about powerlifting, which is something I’m very interested in, but occasionally he drops some knowledge bombs that are relevant to everyone. The video below is one of my favorites. It’s an ass kick from a virtual coach, and as I tell my real coach, having someone up in your business staring at you always makes you try harder.

Heads up, Mark can meander a bit when he is freestyling and the language will not be appropriate for some people. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Stick it in D and DO IT! Start driving toward something.

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