Valient Thorr – Where have you been all my life?

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Valient Thorr

How can it be that Valient Thorr has existed since 2001 and I just now heard of them? The affects of aging apparently. Wisdom and hipness must be inversely related. Thanks to the miracle of modern media consumption I can know the megarock sounds of VT!

I’ve lived in the same state as the Chapel Hill, NC-based band for seven years. That makes this oversight extra messed up. I probably missed numerous chances to see them live, without traveling the globe to do it. Looks like they are ripping up Europe this summer but I’m hopeful there will be a triumphant homecoming gig right here in Cackalacky sometime this year.

OK, here’s how I heard about Valient Thorr. I was lying on couch watching the Vevo channel on my Roku. When you search for a music video on Vevo it automatically continues playing “related” music.  I started with Turbonegro. That was followed by a couple mediocre bands. Then we jumped way off the tracks and I was subjected to several seconds of Whitesnake’s “On My Own” before I could pounce on the skip button. Keep working on that algorithm Vevo! Mercifully, that was followed by Valient Thorr’s ultramega rocking, and funny, “Double Crossed.”


Official Valient Thorr website

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