Chimneys – Amber Visions

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Self-described trio of psych-folkers out of Brooklyn. They currently have two songs you can stream from their forthcoming album Amber Visions, and my favorite is “Newton Creek.” Check out Chimneys’ BandCamp page.

What Is Your "Why"? – Vision, Focus & The Golden Circle

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Why do you do what you do? What do you truly believe?

I’m convinced that if you can answer those questions all other business challenges will be made more manageable because your vision will be clear. Your clear purpose will inspire your organization to not only be in alignment but also to be motivated to succeed, however you measure that.

Not knowing “why” you do what you do will make it impossible to have a compelling vision. And an organization without a shared vision results in a lack of focus and probably bad decision-making. Reaching your goals may not be possible.

You’ll be “stuck.” John Jantsch says:

The thing that moves people to act beyond what they are currently doing is a vision to do something so compelling that it forces them to change their behaviors in ways that would make it so.

The problem with most business owners is that they are only looking towards next week or next month. What if you looked at making your business and your life multiple times bigger and better than it is right now?

What would that force you to change? What would that force you to stop doing? Where would that compel you to take massive action first?

Easy enough to say, but how do you get to that compelling vision? Simon Sinek tells us to start with “Why” we are doing what we do. His concept is the “Golden Circle” of Why, How, What with Why at the center of it all. Read the rest of this entry »

Does The Apple Marketing Philosophy Apply to Your Business?

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I’m pretty sure it does. How can Empathy, Focus and even “Impute” not apply to any business?

For Christmas I invariably come away with a stack of interesting books to read. I knew I wanted Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson but after hearing Kevin Rose mention he started reading the book and switched to over the audio version, I added the latter to my wish list. The unabridged version is over 24 hours!

Somewhere in the third hour Mike Markkula and his now famous Apple Marketing Philosophy are discussed. I’ve listened to this two minute segment probably a dozen times.

The Apple Marketing Philosophy

Markkula was a young venture capitalist with his fortune coming from stock options he received while at Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel. He became an investor in Apple when the company was just Jobs and Wozniak, and later even was company president. According to Isaacson he also became a “father figure” to Jobs and taught him about marketing and sales. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Card 2011 – Gingerbread People

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Christmas Card 2011 - Gingerbread People

Christmas Card 2011 – Gingerbread People (Click it to see it bigger at Flickr.)

This year instead of using our bodies to make something we decided to use something to make our bodies. Gingerbread is the obvious seasonal choice for a medium. Yes, they/we taste good too…

Christmas card 2011 back photo

Christmas card 2011 back photo

On the inside we decided to do a Sigler version of Mad Libs. Sorry Mad Libs for using your logo. Consider it free advertising. Mad Libs are fun and this idea gets out of long handwritten notes on every card. Nobody else seems to do that anyhow. Click the images for a closer view.

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style – Part 1

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style – Part 2

See you next year.

Previous Sigler Christmas Cards.

Reverend Horton Heat at The Orange Peel in Asheville

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Reverend Horton Heat tearing the roof off early in show with “The Party in Your Head.”

Later in the evening they slowed things down to play some requests like “Where in the hell did you go with my toothbrush.”

This was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. My son Mars is a huge fan and was at first super-excited when he found out Reverend Horton Heat was coming to The Orange Peel, then distraught when he saw it was not all ages. I convinced him to start contacting people, which led to him eventually to Bigsy of the RHH road crew. Bigsy made sure we could get in, and for that he will always be the man.

The whole show was great. One highlight was that it was Jimbo’s birthday. Road crew member Hoss brought a cake on stage, then after the candles were out proceeded to sing Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” while Horton Heat shredded. Well done Hoss! I started to record that too but the crowd got to moshing and we were in the middle of it.

Jim Heath, the Reverend and Jimbo hung out after the show and Mars was able to get their autographs and chat briefly. They have had a huge influence on him and are the reason he has mowed a lot of grass to get a hollow body guitar, and he now has an upright bass in his sights. I had printed the email from Bigsy, because I wanted to be sure I could get the boy in, and Mars got it autographed by Jim and Jimbo.

Big thanks to them for talking to the kid.

Mars with Reverend Horton Heat

Mars with Reverend Horton Heat at The Orange Peel


Mars with Jimbo Wallace at The Orange Peel

Mars with Jimbo Wallace at The Orange Peel

3 Bears Walking on Bent Tree Rd in Asheville

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Tonight I was on a bike ride with my pal Brian and we came across this family of bears. Bent Tree Rd is a popular route for cyclists, and apparently black bears. Undeterred, we followed this mother and her cubs until they scrambled up the bank, and then finished our ride.

We also saw two white squirrels in the same area. Nuts!

Brian the bear whisperer.

Bears on parade.

Approximately here.

View Larger Map

World’s Smallest Powder Room Gets a Gut Job

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Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing too. Why am I bothering to post this stuff? I guess I’m doing it to remind myself before I start tearing into another room. It’s always 10x more work than I expect.

The truth is I doubt many of us would ever start anything worth doing if we really knew how much work it take. Here’s to my slow-learning-fearless-DIY brethren. Wear a dust mask.

Here’s the beginning…

And after much confusing un-plumbing work done in the basement, here’s where I am now. There is no turning back. – Mary’s New Sewing Blog

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Detail of patch pocket. Two rows of topstitching for looks and avoiding slip stitching.

Mary has just started her new blog for sewing and all things related to fabric and fiber. In addition to posting projects there will be all sorts of tips and how-to stuff, and a lot of it will be in video form.

The blog design work hasn’t been done yet, but she’s not letting that stop her. I’ll feature some of the projects here too.

Check out

Reconstructing Market Boundaries to Create a Blue Ocean Strategy

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(Photo by buck82)

If you want to make your business competition irrelevant you will need to pursue a Blue Ocean Strategy. Creating something innovative in a market is not the easiest thing to do. If it were someone in your space would already be doing it. As Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot pointed out when he commented on a previous post, sometimes Red Oceans seem more attractive because there are established markets, pricing, etc. If you want to go Blue it’s going to take some real effort.

The authors of Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) elaborate on six paths to reconstruct market boundaries and break out of red oceans. The first is to “look across alternative industries.” There is a difference between substitutes and  alternatives. Read the rest of this entry »

Heavy Rebel Weekender 2011 – Hot Rods and Rockabilly

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It’s hot rod weekend! Mars and I went to Sonic Friday night, spent all day at Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston Salem, then today we checked out the end of car show at the Ag Center (lame). Heavy Rebel Weekender was super fun. I was there mostly for the hot rods, Mars mostly for the rockabilly, and we both got our fill of each.

I don’t think I’ve seen ever so much pommade, ear gauges, and neck tattoos in one place. Some of those things aren’t exactly “era correct” but when the third wave of rockabilly mixes with punk rock and hot rod car culture (the automotive version of punk rock) things get crazy. Here are some pics and videos.

Rockabilly and mud wrestling behind us. Remind me to shave before hitting the road next time.

This T-bucket was one of my favorites. More pics from the Weekender.

T-bucket hot rod

Below is 1932 Chevy Roadster Pickup Hot Rod. (Didn’t get to talk to the owner/builder. Interesting ride.)

Slammed Model A Tudor and Clint Bowyer’s 1934 Chevy hot rod (I’ve seen Bowyer’s ride in Rodders Journal. Nice to see it in person.)

T bucket hot rod (Love the paint. One of my favorite cars at the show. Saw it in Street Rodder April 2011.)

1927 Chrysler Roadster (I got to talk to Larry Shoaf owner of Rod Crafters. This car was featured in Street Rodder October 2009. Great to see it in person. Build quality is extremely high.)

The Buzzards playing outside at Heavy Rebel Weekender 2011 (While mud wrestling is taking place…)

The Hollowbody Hellraisers (One of the better bands we got to see. Too loud for the mic on this camera…)