Hellacopters — Grande Rock

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Hellacopters -- Grande Rock

Raw, loud, fast, naked rock and roll power! I will never tire of it, or The Hellacopters. I just read that after a tour of Europe for their new album Head Off they are calling it quits. So sad. We end the week with another great one, Grande Rock, released in 1999 by Sub Pop. I got this record from Olsson’s in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Yes, it is vinyl. Olsson’s was cool enough to maintain a small vinyl section, but I think I had them special order this. My favorites are “Dogday Mornings” and “Venus in Force.” I brought this home and started playing it right away. Mere seconds after the needle hit the groove my daughter Paris, who was five years old at the time, exclaimed “I know that’s rock and roll!” I raise ’em right.

Garbage — The World Is Not Enough

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Garbage -- The World Is Not Enough

I am not a particularly big fan of Garbage, but I am a James Bond lunatic. I have every single legitimate Bond movie made, along with some not-so-legitimate 007 flicks. In addition to the movies I have an odd assortment of Bond music from every relevant decade. So, I was happy to get this CD single “The World Is Not Enough” (1999) from a coworker at the time, Mona Sharma. I used to have a real turntable on my desk along with a “now playing” sign, just like in the record stores from the good ol’ days. For a while, I sat next to Mona. I asked her once what kind of music she liked and she replied that she really only listened to soundtracks. I thought that was funny at the time, in a cool non-conformist way, but in the years since that conversation I have been collecting more and more soundtracks and film scores. Mona was on to something.

As far as Bond movie themes go this one by Garbage is pretty solid. This is a promo that includes the original version along with the “Chilled Out Remix.” To be honest, after several listens I can’t tell them apart. Both are chilled out, and good.