The B-Sides – Too Right!

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The B-Sides - Too Right!

I will respond to anyone who suggests some music. But if you quote MC5 in your note to me I will respond a little quicker than usual. That’s what B-Sides singer Michel “Mick” Moreau did and that alone qualifies the band for a post to this site. Fans of garage-punk-rock-and-roll should check out their music at the B-Sides MySpace page.

Plastilina Mosh – All U Need is Mosh

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Plastilina Mosh - All U Need is Mosh

The latest Plastilina Mosh record came out just in time for my birthday a few weeks ago. After the first full listen of All U Need is Mosh I was stunned that is wasn’t the greatest record ever made, because I’m huge, huge fan. I guess it’s bound to happen, but it’s always a downer when a band seems to take a step backward. I know, it’s all in my head. After several more complete listens I do love more than at first. There are a large number of great tunes and the whole world should buy it. My favorites in general are the more electronic stuff, but the punk-pop single “Let U Know” is totally fun. Other standouts include the slow electro-funk “Paso Fino” and the pretty “Pervert Pop Song.”

Dean Dion & Dan

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Dean Dion & Dan

This ain’t for everyone, but some will love it. The three Ds remind me of some of the ’60s garage punkers on the Back from the Grave compilations. All I know for sure is that “Dean Dion and Dan have a master plan.”

Check out Dean Dion and Dan at MySpace.

David Byrne & Brian Eno — Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

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David Byrne is one of the most prolific, creative people around. He’s been doing interesting work continuously since the ’70s (though much of it has been a bit under the popular radar). He recently rigged up a whole building as a musical instrument for his Playing the Building project. A whole building that you can play from a keyboard — how cool is that?

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is his latest effort — a collaboration with fellow prolific creative guy Brian Eno. This effort is mellow and airy, without the bouncy world beats with which Byrne has been known to spice his music. This work reminds me more of True Stories without the shopping mall and John Goodman and all the cowboy hats.

The player will stream the whole album, and it’s available in a wide variety of DRM-free digital formats for your listening and sharing pleasure.

FSR at MySpace

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FSR at MySpace

I am always ready to hear some good new music. That’s why there’s a “Suggest Some Music” link at the top of this page. Thanks to Mason for the tip on FSR. Other than that the band members are also cyclists (Thumbs up!) all I know about them is what I see and hear on their site. I see that they have a lot of “friends” and I’m hearing some tasty grooves. My favorite is probably “Broad Street Thriller.” Check out FSR at MySpace.

Violent Femmes — Crazy

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On St. Elsewhere, Gnarls Barkley did a great cover of the Violent Femmes’ tune “Gone Daddy Gone.” The Femmes are repaying the cover love, with their take on the Gnarls Barkley hit, “Crazy.” It’s crazy smooth is what it is, with sounds of surf rock guitar, mandolin, flute, and of course the Femmes’ trademark bass. They even rock the theremin on the chorus.

But the best part for all you vinyl junkies out there is that they’ve pressed a limited edition run of 1000 powder blue platters. They’re on sale now at, and ship on June 24th.

Come on now who do you,
Who do you, who do you,
Who do you think you are?

The Hellacopters — Head off

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Oh my goodness, this song rocks! I’m a long time fan of The Hellacopters and “Sign of the Octopus” from their new record Head Off is already one of my favorites. Listen closely for the cutting guitar lick at the end of the chorus. It only happens twice for a cumulative four seconds of rock and roll bliss. Be ready to rewind because you’re going to want more, more and more! And more!

The Hellacopters -- Head Off

If you’re still standing after “Octopus” check out more of their new stuff at their MySpace page, especially “No Salvation” and “Veronica Lake” and “I’m Watching You” and, well, all of ’em. I gotta get the scratch together to add this to my Hellacopters record collection.

More Hellacopters coming soon…

Sheryl Crow’s Latest Detour

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I’m a big fan of Sheryl Crow the person. Breast cancer survivor and role model – not to mention survivor of relationships with guys like Eric Clapton and Lance Armstrong – she’s growing more beautiful with age. I like her laid-back California attitude and her activism for cancer research and the environment. And I love that’s she’s a former music teacher that made good. I’d date her in a heartbeat! (Who can resist a beautiful woman with a guitar in her hands?)

But her music has never blown me away. In fact, I’ve found her hits vapid and overly produced. But I’ve enjoyed a number of her albums because there’s always been deeper tracks on them that have been real standouts. Unfortunately, that’s not true of her latest, Detours. I bought it a while back when I went into “Crows” frenzy, buying new records by Counting Crows, The Black Crowes, and tossing this one in from Sheryl Crow all in the same day.

I listened anxiously for those songs that rose above the mediocre ones, the ones that would never get radio play, but where you could tell her heart and soul really were. I never heard them. In fact, after one listen through it, I almost gave it away. I mean, it’s not a complete disaster. You’ll like it if you’re a big Sheryl Crow fan (after my third and fourth listen – it was the only disk in my car for a week – I found some redeeming qualities). But this one’s probably not going to bring in any new, serious-minded music fans.

She does sing a little in Arabic. And she does have a strong environmental bent on this one. But the songs are too obvious and all over-produced, with the exception of “God Bless This Mess,” which actually is a poignant, quiet, little song about the post-9/11 world we’re living in. That one resonates a lot better for me than her more grandiose attempts like “Shine Over Babylon,” which has a standard Sheryl Crow hook, but not much else.

I won’t criticize every track. If you like her, you’ll like the album. If you’re on the fence about her music, this one isn’t worth getting. But a song like “Diamond Ring” sums up my conundrum over this record. It’s got a horrid, monotonous melody. But the lyrics are ambiguous enough to get me thinking:

We made love all day
In our little hide away

But I blew up our love nest
By making one little request


Diamond ring
Diamond ring
Don’t mean anything
Diamond ring
Diamond ring
Should not mean a thing

You could say I do
Hide your negative reviews

You love me you say
But you can’t even face the day


Some say love is blind
I say it’s only in the mind

Diamonds may be sweet
But to me they just bring on cold feet

Someday you’ll be like me
With someone who just wants to be free


I honestly can’t tell if she’s talking about some guy who jilted her because she wanted to get married or if it’s the opposite: that she’s the one who wants to love and let live, someone who wants to keep her independence and be free. If it’s the latter, call me, Sheryl! I’m sorry I couldn’t “hide my negative review,” but I’ll be honest with you every time.

77Klash — Code for the Streets EP

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77Klash -- Code for the Streets EP

77Klash update. Thanks to Isla for the info. The Code for the Streets EP is available now. Download the single “Mad Again” for free from RCRD LBL. Buy the EP at iTunes or Turntable Lab.

77klash — Mad Again

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This is really a still, but I wanted you to hear “Mad Again” by 77klash. It’s a weird mix of hip hop, heaviness and reggae. Check out more of their music at their MySpace page.