Christmas Card 2013 – House Diorama

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Christmas Card 2013 - House Diorama

Christmas Card 2013 – House Diorama (Click it to see it bigger at Flickr.)

In 2012 we couldn’t get a card done in time. Our dog had just died and Paris was away at college. The motivation and planning didn’t come together. But this year we’re back! Mary had the idea of a diorama and we decided to make one of our house decorated for Christmas.

  • Roof – We cut up some extra shingles from the new roof we got this year.
  • Bricks – We took photos of the different bricks, printed them life size, and cut them up.
  • Windows – Mary cut out the windows and trim, using colors similar to the house. We tried to keep the whole thing slightly cartoonish and handmade-looking.
  • Bushes – Those are made of leaves from the actual holly bushes we have. Dangerous work hot gluing those together!
  • Christmas tree – My grandmother made that ceramic tree a long time ago.
  • Wreath and “lights” – Mary strung up some beads to make lights and made the wreath from green pipe cleaners.
  • Gravel – Straight from the driveway. Not exactly correct but a lot easier than making grass and a sidewalk.

Finally, each family member made his or her “self.”

We started with a piece of foam core cut out for the house and glued the bricks and other parts to it. Then we backed with a piece of drywall also cut to the shape. Then put the whole thing on a large square of drywall so we could light it from behind and have the Christmas tree “inside.” We put pieces of colored paper behind the windows to create the appearance of rooms. The photos below show the set up.

As usual, these cards end up being a lot more work than we expect. But I don’t regret one minute spent working with my family to make something for ourselves, and other family and friends.

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Christmas Card 2011 – Gingerbread People

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Christmas Card 2011 - Gingerbread People

Christmas Card 2011 – Gingerbread People (Click it to see it bigger at Flickr.)

This year instead of using our bodies to make something we decided to use something to make our bodies. Gingerbread is the obvious seasonal choice for a medium. Yes, they/we taste good too…

Christmas card 2011 back photo

Christmas card 2011 back photo

On the inside we decided to do a Sigler version of Mad Libs. Sorry Mad Libs for using your logo. Consider it free advertising. Mad Libs are fun and this idea gets out of long handwritten notes on every card. Nobody else seems to do that anyhow. Click the images for a closer view.

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style – Part 1

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style

Christmas Card Mad Libs, Sigler Style – Part 2

See you next year.

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Christmas Card 2010 – Christmas Tree, with Dog

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That’s how we do it. Hey! I just made a Facebook page for this blog. Please click the “Like” button over there on the right.

We just got the cards delivered yesterday. I normally wait until we have them mailed before I post about the latest card, but since some folks may not get theirs before Christmas I thought I would share it now.

As you can see in the video our dog Mika was determined to be part of the action. So, for the first time in his eight years we have included him.

And speaking of being included, if you’re not on our list just let me know and we will correct that.

Next year we’re going to try something different.

Christmas Card 2010

And here is the shot before the PhotoShopping… Read the rest of this entry »

Mars on a roll with Joe Satriani

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Even though we have Guitar Hero at home the boy can’t get enough. I think I’ll post this on as well.

Christmas Card 2009 – Snowflakes

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I left the video camera running while we did this. The whole shoot took about 30 minutes. I think Paris had the idea for snowflakes. Originally, I wanted to recruit a ton of people, dozens at least, to make one giant snowflake somewhere in downtown Asheville, and shoot it from a building. But the ladies were thumbs down on that. I still may do it one year. That’s a lot of white clothes!

We hope you like it. If you haven’t gotten yours yet and you know you’re on the list email me. We still have a small batch that hasn’t been mailed. If you want one, no matter who you are, just let me know. We have a small number left.

Christmas Card 2009 - Snowflakes

Christmas Card 2009 - Snowflakes

Here are some individual snowflake photos.

Christmas cards from previous years.

Christmas Card 2009

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Oh, yes. We finally got the cards in the mail, tah-day. Since only a few people have already received theirs I won’t post any photos or videos until later. Also, the killer blizzard this past weekend has interrupted our electicity, heat and work flow so I’m running behind on the media stuff. Come back soon.

Christmas Card 2008 – Large Scale Light Painting

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Christ Card 2008 - Large Scale Light Painting

Christ Card 2008 - Large Scale Light Painting

There is no Photoshop trickery happening here. This image was captured in one take using a single long exposure photograph. Blah blah blah blah, or you can just watch this video. Jump below for the details.

Larger video

This large scale light painting of a Christmas tree was made in our backyard. On the ground the tree was 55 feet tall and about 25 feet wide. It appears short and fat because of the angle of the photograph. I had the camera, and video camera, in a stairwell window at the back of our house. I’m at least four storeys (someone asked, that is in fact the correct spelling) in the air because our property drops quite a bit. We are in the mountains. But the back lot is nice and flat. I used rope to lay out the tree and enlisted the family and some conveniently located neighbors to move the lights around.

The kids were in the middle of the tree swinging the light sabers (see below) in circles to make the “ornaments” and Mars walked back and forth to make a “garland.” The Moms (Mary and Jill) made the tree outline by waving two light sabers each as they walked along the rope, invariably racing at the end of each take to finish in time. I used a kitchen timer and called out the remaining seconds.

I wanted to do some light painting myself so I took the tripod and camera outside and made some “Nöels” in green and red. Nöel (Which I now know should be spelled “noël” – oof, embarrassing. I was in the dark!) is way easier than trying to write “Merry Christmas,” backward mind you, in the dark, before the time runs out and the shutter closes. Plus, Nöel is so short I was able to turn the light on and off for each letter, and add the umlaut over the “o.” I put a strip of four of these inside the card, along the top.

Nöel Light Painting

Nöel Light Painting

We did something similar for the family shot on the back of the card. For this one I used another camera, mounted on separate stand, just for the flash. That way I could move the lights around to make the frame, then get back into position before the second camera flashed, which would make us visible in the photo taken by the first camera. Staggering the timers on the two cameras so that the flash would happen after I was done drawing, but before the shutter closed on the first camera was a challenge. Have I mentioned we were in the dark? The image came out too dark on the card but the original looks good.

Family Portrait Light Painting

Family Portrait Light Painting

This was a fun card to make, but I was stressing about the execution. I mentioned to my friend Gary a couple months ago that I was worried about the logistics and he said something like “only you would have a Christmas card with logistical challenges.” Why do things the easy way? Walk hard.

More post performance photo fun:

See more of our light painting pictures at Flickr.

Details details

Our tools for the light painting

Our tools for the light painting

Camera: Canon G9, 15 second shutter time, ISO 100, some other stuff I can’t remember

Lights: Light sabers from, only $36 for 12 (Note to parents: some items at FBL are PG13); one regular flashlight for the garland. Sourcing some good lights was probably the toughest part. I looked everywhere, poi stuff, glow sticks, gels, etc. This idea needed large swaths of light and these sabers were perfect, and cheap!

People: 2 moms, 6 kids (one toddler helping Paris), and a gigantic whining dog with me in the stairwell

Gingerbread House 2008

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Oh man, I hope doesn’t rain up in Gingerbread Town because those cookie people are going to get wet. Mary later decided to disguise this chasm on the gingerbread house roof with a Playmobil Santa, sleigh and reindeer. Clever. She makes one every Christmas and the kids join in.

Mary spent a few years living in Germany and has been to the Kristkindl market (giant Christmas market place) in some of the cities including the gingerbread capital of the world, Nürnberg.

And, our “neighbor” up the hill, Grove Park Inn, has a gingerbread house competition every year. We haven’t been yet this year, but I did find this video of some of the winners from a couple years ago. I don’t think we’re ready for the big leagues, yet.

Various Artists — Christmas with the Rat Pack

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Various Artists -- Christmas with the Rat Pack

Various Artists -- Christmas with the Rat Pack

  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Title: Christmas with the Rat Pack
  • Year: 2002
  • Format: CD
  • Rating (1-10): 9
  • Owner: Tracy
  • Acquired: 2002 – ?
  • Keeper: Yes

I don’t like to be at any social function, no matter how casual, without music. Good music. It’s a little obnoxious to bring your own tunes when someone else is hosting, but I gotta do what I gotta do. For the annual Christmas Eve get-down at my folks’ I have packed Christmas with the Rat Pack. And this ain’t the first time. If you have to listen to Christmas music you can’t do better than some classics performed by Dean, Sammy and Frank. And who among your family and friends isn’t going to dig it? Even the packaging on this album is top notch. From the notes:

Forget about Ho Ho Ho and bells that jingle. This Christmas will be strictly… Ring-A-Ding Ding!

I’m Tracy Sigler and I approved this album.

Various Artists (Band Aid) — Do They Know It’s Christmas?

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Various Artists (Band Aid) -- Do They Know Its Christmas?

Various Artists (Band Aid) -- Do They Know It's Christmas?

  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Title: Do They Know It’s Christmas?
  • Year: 1984
  • Format: Vinyl 12 in.
  • Rating (1-10): 10
  • Owner: Tracy / Mary – both had copies
  • Acquired: 1984 – Dunno where
  • Keeper: Yes

“Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was a famous single with all the proceeds intended to assist famine relief in Ethiopia. The cast of performers in Band Aid is pretty much a who’s who of British pop at the time, with a few Americans thrown in the mix. Wikipedia has the full list of artists, along with a lot more info. I like the song well enough, but I rate it a 10 because of its intended purpose and how successful it was. And all of that can be credited to Bob Geldolf’s drive, and impressive project management skills.