Christmas Card 2006 — Snow People

Author: Tracy Sigler | Posted: January 26th, 2007 | | Tags: , , | 5 Comments »

Christmas Card 2006 -- Snow People

Now that I’m finished posting the new music we got for Christmas it’s time for one last seasonal item: the 2006 Sigler family Christmas card. This year we struggled for a concept. Should we collaborate on something? Should we continue to make our individual themed handmade items? Paris had the idea of snow people. We rolled with that and decided to stick with the tradition inside the tradition, individual pieces.

Clockwise from the top left:

  • Paris used rolled colored paper strips.
  • Mars obviously used Legos.
  • Mary worked with yarn and felted the nose and hat. She also broke the mold with a two-ball shorty.
  • Tracy after a few failed attempts decided to use three lamps, he had made a while ago, for a minimalist, and sort of boring, snow-bot.

Kodak now allows you to put a stamp-sized image on the back of the card. We used a pic of our four hands in the same orientation as the snow folks.

Jennifer Strunge — Beedlebum Bottomfeeder Cotton Monster

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Jennifer Strunge -- Beedlebum Bottomfeeder Cotton Monster

I’m lucky to be alive! Kellie and Grayson bought this handmade Beedlebum Bottomfeeder Cotton Monster by Jennifer Strunge for my 93rd birthday a couple days from now. And it tried to eat my leg! Bad bottomfeeder! Yes, I did want this. No, I will not explain that.

Want your own Beedlebum Bottomfeeder? Too bad ’cause he’s sold. Maybe you can find another Cotton Monster.

Mary Earle-Sigler — Quilt for Ixa

Author: Tracy Sigler | Posted: July 20th, 2006 | | Tags: , , | 3 Comments »

Artist Mary Earle-Sigler has returned to her roots, fiber arts, with this quilt for her newest nephew, Ixa. The various fabric patterns pieced together in this work appear cheerful enough, individually. But in the context of this quilted blanket they seem to create a montage of land and sea combat. This reviewer believes the artist has depicted a raging battle for triangle supremacy. Amphibians versus fish. Who will rule the blanket? Based on the facial expressions of these gladiators (see detail in third pic below) the frogs will soon vanquish the fish.

Mary Earle-Sigler -- Quilt for Ixa