The Hives – Live at the 9:30 Club

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Took the whole family! It was a fantastic show. I’m a big fan, but I didn’t expect them to be as fun as they were.

I got actual tickets… in the mail. I thought those were a thing of the past!

The Hives at the 930 Club Ticket

I’ll let The Hives do the talking. Here are some videos, in order of performance. Enjoy!

Intro, Come On, Try It Again

1000 Answers

Main Offender

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The 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me

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Thanks to Don for this suggestion. I’m sad to say I don’t have any proper records by The 13th Floor Elevators, by I do have some of their cuts on compilations. They are definitely psychedelic rock, but they have a lot in common with the protopunk and garage rock bands of the 1960s. I’ve always loved “You’re Gonna Miss Me.”

More about The 13th Floor Elevators

Beasts of Bourbon – Drop Out

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I was obsessed with Aussie garage rock bands when I was much younger, and Beasts of Bourbon was one of the best. I didn’t realize they carried on as long as they did. The Axeman’s Jazz is a great record and right now I’m freaking out that I can’t find it in my collection. Who is the evil “borrower”?

Mad Tea Party, Southern Culture on the Skids at the Grey Eagle in Asheville

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Mad Tea Party - Zombie Boogie vinyl 7 inch

Mad Tea Party - Zombie Boogie vinyl 7 inch

Went to a great show with my son last weekend: Mad Tea Party and Southern Culture on the Skids at the Grey Eagle in Asheville. More pics, videos and yapping after the jump. Check it out.

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The B-Sides – Too Right!

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The B-Sides - Too Right!

I will respond to anyone who suggests some music. But if you quote MC5 in your note to me I will respond a little quicker than usual. That’s what B-Sides singer Michel “Mick” Moreau did and that alone qualifies the band for a post to this site. Fans of garage-punk-rock-and-roll should check out their music at the B-Sides MySpace page.

The Che Underground — San Diego’s Underground Rock ‘n’ Roll Scene of the 1980s

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Tell Tale Hearts

Thanks to Matthew for hipping me to this site: The Che Underground. Featured are bands from the swinging San Diego music scene of the 1980s, including one of my favorites, The Tell Tale Hearts. I posted a their self-titled record here a good while ago. Outsiders are allowed, check it out.

Hellacopters — Grande Rock

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Hellacopters -- Grande Rock

Raw, loud, fast, naked rock and roll power! I will never tire of it, or The Hellacopters. I just read that after a tour of Europe for their new album Head Off they are calling it quits. So sad. We end the week with another great one, Grande Rock, released in 1999 by Sub Pop. I got this record from Olsson’s in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Yes, it is vinyl. Olsson’s was cool enough to maintain a small vinyl section, but I think I had them special order this. My favorites are “Dogday Mornings” and “Venus in Force.” I brought this home and started playing it right away. Mere seconds after the needle hit the groove my daughter Paris, who was five years old at the time, exclaimed “I know that’s rock and roll!” I raise ’em right.

Hellacopters — Supershitty to the Max

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Hellacopters -- Supershitty to the Max

Hellacopters -- Supershitty to the MaxWhat a complete breakdown in posting discipline. Things happen, and these records take time to post. This one is worth the wait though. Not that I’ve been waiting. I’ve been spinning Supershitty to the Max (1996) by The Hellacopters every day since I mentioned the guys last week. This is their first record and I’ve been in love with them ever since. Thanks to Bob Schick for turning me on, and tuning me in.

Supershitty is totally raw rock and roll in the spirit of The Stooges, Motorhead and roots punk. There’s no hint whatsoever of the occasional power pop song you hear on their later recordings. My favorite, and what too often feels like my theme song, is “Born Broke.”

Now that my son Mars discovered there is a bonus song by The Hellacopters in Guitar Hero III I can’t imagine my productivity is going to increase any time soon.

I think you need to read more about The Hellacopters.

Various — Back From the Grave Volume One

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Back From the Grave Volume One

I would keep this one for the sleeve art alone. The music is fun too. I said everything I can think of about this series when I posted Volume 4, one year ago this week. The most well-known song on Back From the Grave Volume One (1985), to me at least, is probably “That’s the Bag I’m In” by The Fabs. It’s also the rockin’est. On the back the artists’ names are written “Fabs”, “Jujus”, “Rats,” etc. Because everyone of them is a “The” name! Those were The days.

I’ve never met a girl who can be my friend
The only money I’ve got is Chinese yen (some currency confusion there – TS)
They’ll probably drop the bomb the day my ship comes in
I want a steady girl who could be tall and thin
That’s bag I’m in!

The Fabs

Back From the Grave at Wikipedia

Monotonix — Body Language EP out today

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If your band lists “Sonics, Thin Lizzy, Royal Trux, Led Zeppelin, ABBA” as influences it’s a sure bet I’m going to check out your music. And when I read about your drummer’s penchant for crowd-surfing, with his drums, I gotta see what that’s all about.

Ladies and gentlemen… all the way from Tel Aviv… Monotonix!

Body Language EP comes today, April 22.