Mars & Rock Academy cover The Riptides’ “Return to Blood Beach”

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Mars just finished another week at Rock Academy here in Asheville. At the finale concert the kids tore the roof off with an eclectic mix eight cover songs. Mars recommended this Riptides cover from their instrumental record Mental Therapy. Very surf rock and I love it. Notice Mars’s attention to stage presence. He’s fun to watch, because he looks like he’s having fun.

The kids also did a great cover of Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon.” Dig the laid back drum solo around the two minute mark. That kid rocks steady! Mars was not in this one. Read the rest of this entry »

Joe Satriani’s Surfing with the Alien on Guitar Hero

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This blog is about anything related to music, right? At Christmas we came down from the mountain to visit the folks in Tidewater, VA. This arcade and mini golf joint in town has become a regular vacation stop. Mars picked a good song for this round of Guitar Hero, Satch’s “Surfing with the Alien.” Is this also on our home version?

I got to see Joe Satriani on this tour. Note the ticket stub and dig the album art. Back to hard rocking Mars, I wish you could have seen the couple minutes right before I started recording. This is subdued in comparison.

Mars on a roll with Joe Satriani

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Even though we have Guitar Hero at home the boy can’t get enough. I think I’ll post this on as well.

Mars Masters Lindy Hop for School Gig

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Go, Mars, go! He’s in the t-shirt with black and white circles. Every year the middle school kids at Rainbow Mountain Children’s School put on a show. This year’s show has a USO theme, and for part of the show the kids needed to learn the Lindy Hop. Show time tomorrow night! I think they’re ready. The kids seen here are actually the entire middle school. Crazy man.