Led Zeppelin — Presence

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Led Zeppelin -- Presence

I typically play what I’m posting, but today I’m posting what I’ve been playing: Led Zeppelin’s Presence (1976). I had a hankering to hear “Nobody’s Fault but Mine,” but once this record started spinning I rediscovered some other gems like “Hots on for Nowhere” and “Royal Orleans.” There are only seven songs, but I was still surprised to read this album was recorded and mixed in only 17 days. I believe I bought Presence in the mid ’80s when I worked at a chain record store. I was late to the Zeppelin party due to acute punkrockitis.

More about Presence and the cover artwork at Wikipedia.

Kings of Prussia — Live at Gourmet Perks Tonight!

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Kings of Prussia -- Live at Gourmet Perks Tonight!

I can’t believe I just found this. This is a last minute post, but go see Kings of Prussia at Gourmet Perks (Asheville, NC) tonight. I’m sure I’ll be posting more about them soon. For now I’ll just say if a combo of Durutti Column, Voivod and Death Angel sounds good to you, then you’ll love this. Check out the video of my new favorite band.

And congrats to whoever made that show flyer. Fantastic.

Kings of Prussia at MySpace

Monotonix — Body Language EP out today

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If your band lists “Sonics, Thin Lizzy, Royal Trux, Led Zeppelin, ABBA” as influences it’s a sure bet I’m going to check out your music. And when I read about your drummer’s penchant for crowd-surfing, with his drums, I gotta see what that’s all about.

Ladies and gentlemen… all the way from Tel Aviv… Monotonix!

Body Language EP comes today, April 22.

Einstein’s Dream at MySpace

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I was talking to the singer/guitarist of Einstein’s Dream, Jared Hooker, last week when he described his band as “prog lite.” That made me laugh, but now that I’ve listened to the six songs they have at their MySpace page, at least a dozen times, I’m convinced the Dream is fo’ real. Jared’s vocals and the band’s musicianship remind me vaguely of Muse, but these guys are definitely doing their own thing. My favorite song of this collection, “Smoke and Mirrors,” is also the heaviest. No surprise there, but I also dig the pretty stuff. Songcraft is everything.

Jared says they’re adding a keyboardist and gearing up for some live shows. I’m looking to forward to it!

Einstein’s Dream at MySpace

Muse — Black Holes and Revelations

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Muse -- Black Holes and Revelations

  • Artist: Muse
  • Title: Black Holes and Revelations
  • Year: 2006
  • Format: CD
  • Rating (1-10): 10
  • Owner: Mary/Tracy
  • Acquired: 2006 – No place special, Target maybe.

This is post number 200 in the “record” collection category. I’m celebrating with something special, something new for you kids and grups out there — “Black Holes and Revelations” by Muse.

This band is so musically ambitious and perfectly weird I can think of few, if any, meaningful comparisons. Despite that, or possibly because of it, their last two records have been big commercial successes, even in the US. Their music is metallic, operatic, funky, melodic, pop and everything else you can think of, and somehow it never sounds diluted. Again, this stuff is ambitious, not the output of a few dudes getting together and just jamming out some verses and choruses. And their timing is impeccable. Just before things get too weird for too long they pull out some colossal riff, drop the hammer, and perform another hard rock burnout.

The last song, “Knights of Cydonia”, is probably my favorite. This piece has everything in it from an Ennio Morricone-sounding spaghetti western guitar, to space alien electronica, to anthemic choruses. Just after the four minute mark something extra special happens that on first hearing was so unexpected, and every time thereafter so anticipated, that I break out in goosebumps. More about Muse.

Various — No Age – A Compilation of SST Instrumental Music

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Various -- No Age - A Compilation of SST Instrumental Music

Various -- No Age - A Compilation of SST Instrumental Music

  • Artist: Various
  • Title: No Age – A Compilation of SST Instrumental Music
  • Year: 1987
  • Format: Vinyl 12 in.
  • Rating (1-10): 6
  • Owner: Tracy
  • Acquired: 1987 – Bought it when I worked at Mother’s Records in Hampton, VA.
  • Keeper: Maybe

This SST compilation of challenging instrumental music is full of big names, cult names, and just names. Check out the list below and decide for yourself which artists belong in which categories. I have records by many of these folks and I’ve also seen a number of them live. I don’t know if I’ll ever play this double album again. Some tracks were fantastic, but some were just annoying post-prog-rock-for-nerds. Again, decide for yourself who belongs where.

  • Black Flag
  • Blind Idiot God
  • Henry Kaiser
  • Elliott Sharp
  • Lee Ranaldo
  • Lawndale
  • Glenn Phillips
  • Pell Mell
  • Paper Bag
  • Scott Colby
  • Lawndale
  • Paper Bag
  • Universal Congress Of
  • Steve Fisk
  • Gone
  • Alter-Natives
  • Elliott Sharp
  • Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser

King Crimson — Larks’ Tongues in Aspic

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King Crimson -- Larks\' Tongues in Aspic

  • Artist: King Crimson
  • Title: Larks’ Tongues in Aspic
  • Year: 1973
  • Format: Vinyl 12 in.
  • Rating (1-10): 8
  • Owner: Tracy
  • Acquired: 2006 – A gift from Keith.
  • Keeper: Yes

Today is a “K” day. Even though I’m playing 7-inches this time through I decided to go with King Crimson’s LP “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic” because:

  1. my good friend Keith just bought this for me on eBay
  2. this K-day is also for K-eith, his wife K-erah and their un-alliteratively-named son Max
  3. and I get to postpone writing about another Kajagoogoo record

I don’t know much about King Crimson, but this one is Keith’s favorite. I like it too, and was surprised how “progressive”, in a good way, this record was and is. My favorite cuts are the title tracks that bookend the album. After a few minutes of almost ambient noodling the opening track slams you with a metallic riff in 7/8 time signature. I like surprises. Except for the vocals, in some ways this album reminds me a lot of the Gamalon record I’ve already logged here. But Gamalon came along over a decade later.

Did Gorillaz really sample the laugh at the end of “Easy Money”?

Can — Sacrilege

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Can -- Sacrilege

  • Artist: Can
  • Title: Sacrilege
  • Year: 1997
  • Format: Vinyl 12 in.
  • Rating (1-10): 5
  • Owner: Tracy
  • Acquired: 2002 ? – My brother Grayson bequeathed this to me with a bunch of other vinyl.
  • Keeper: Maybe

This one poses an alphabetizing challenge. The band is Can, but these are other artists doing remixes. Should it be under “various artists”? Nah.

I don’t know much about Can, but from a little reading I’ve done I wish I did. Very much ahead of their time and timeless at the same… time. Someone described them as a prototypical Radiohead. These remixes, all three records worth, I’m sure sound very little like the originals. On the whole it’s very electronic. If you’re into that you’ll like it. There are a few stunning tracks.

Gamalon — Self-titled

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Gamalon -- Self-titled

  • Artist: Gamalon
  • Title: Self-titled
  • Year: 1987
  • Format: Vinyl 12 in.
  • Rating (1-10): 8
  • Owner: Tracy
  • Acquired: 1987 – Promo when I was working at Mother’s Records & Tapes in Hampton, VA.
  • Keeper: Yes

Just got back from house hunting in Oregon. Oh, yes. I think we’re moving there.

If you’re a guitarist you really should check this out. This is an instrumental jazz/rock or “fusion” album. I’m not usually into that kinda stuff but these guys shred. It’s hard to explain the sound, but once you’ve heard this record it’s even harder to not like it.