The Hives – Live at the 9:30 Club

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Took the whole family! It was a fantastic show. I’m a big fan, but I didn’t expect them to be as fun as they were.

I got actual tickets… in the mail. I thought those were a thing of the past!

The Hives at the 930 Club Ticket

I’ll let The Hives do the talking. Here are some videos, in order of performance. Enjoy!

Intro, Come On, Try It Again

1000 Answers

Main Offender

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Ramones – Subterranean Jungle

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Ramones - Subterranean Jungle front cover

Ramones - Subterranean Jungle front cover

Back on track with the Ramones. This is a great one. I mentioned a long time ago that I bought Subterranean Jungle (1983) at the same time I got U2’s War. The counter jockey was all about U2 and in my hostile teenage punk rock I mind I took that as slap on the Ramones. Because the Ramones were never going to be huge, but they were special to me, then and now. I’ve outgrown my punk rock defensiveness and the Ramones continued to get respect. Too bad the core three members are not around to see it.

The record opens with a cover, totally manly move, of “Little Bit O’ Soul.” It’s a perfect choice for them and they rock it proper. There’s even another cover, “Time Has Come Today,” on side two. But the originals are even better! My favorites are “Psycho Therapy” and “In the Park.” And then there are some ’60s style pop ditties like “My-My Kind of a Girl” that are both incongruous and killer at the same time. But wait! There goes “Highest Trails Above” playing on my turn table now. Another favorite; it makes me want to grab my guitar. And I’ll mention the album closer “Everytime (sic) I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me think of You” just for the title.

Long live The Ramones!

Ramones - Subterranean Jungle back cover

Ramones - Subterranean Jungle back cover

The Story of The Ramones

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What a lay-off. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting. But The Ramones got me going again. I finally saw The Story of The Ramones the other day. To my surprise, by the time it was over I had more respect for the band and the music. I wasn’t aware of Joey’s legitimate OCD issues. Knowing that makes a lot of the lyrics that I once thought goofy seem rather poignant now.

I’ve seen The Ramones no less than ten times. Too bad the year in the dates on both of these tickets got torn off. But as some rock star in the movie said, I can’t recall who, you would walk into their shows and you would have to ask yourself what year it was. Year after year everything was essentially the same. But we kept going because that meant a good show was guaranteed.

I’ll post some records next.

Check out the movie: The Story of The Ramones at Wikipedia

Snuff – Tweet Tweet My Lovely

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Snuff - Tweet Tweet My Lovely

It’s my birthday, and I’m celebrating by posting one of my all-time favorite records, Tweet Tweet My Lovely by Snuff. It’s not even my favorite record by Snuff. I’m playing it as I write, I’m only on song number 6, and it’s given me goosebumps at least as many times. Snuff is the most soulful punk band that ever existed. These cats are the real deal, they know how to have fun, but they also know how to make some of the most poignant heavy music you’ll ever hear. And the details! Everything is perfect: the gang vocals, the crescendos, the speed, etc. Layer on some Hammond organ and trombone, and then seeing them live and it’s more exciting than I can describe. I’ll save the live show for the next Snuff record I post.

Don’t believe me? Don’t be ridiculous. Check out the snippets at AllMusic.

Then go to Snuff at MySpace. Then get all the Snuff history at Wikipedia.

Goosebumps. Goosebumps.

Sham 69 — Hersham Boys

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Sham 69 -- Hersham Boys

This is the classic sound of first generation punk. The title track “hit” from Sham 69’s Hersham Boys frequently gets stuck in my head. Another favorite is the raucous, screaming live cut of “What Have We Got?” This cover is hilarious, with a gatefold that contains a great illustration by Brett Ewins of the band as the cockney cowboys, or “Hersham Boys.”

Sham 69 at MySpace

Read more about Sham 69

The Specials — Specials

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The Specials -- Specials

This is a great great album everyone should have. I have always loved it but I just now learned that many of my favorites are covers of original ska tunes. Nothing wrong with that! I was also surprised that singer Terry Hall has no individual writing credits on Specials at all.

Read more about The Specials debut, produced by Elvis Costello.

The Hellacopters — Head off

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Oh my goodness, this song rocks! I’m a long time fan of The Hellacopters and “Sign of the Octopus” from their new record Head Off is already one of my favorites. Listen closely for the cutting guitar lick at the end of the chorus. It only happens twice for a cumulative four seconds of rock and roll bliss. Be ready to rewind because you’re going to want more, more and more! And more!

The Hellacopters -- Head Off

If you’re still standing after “Octopus” check out more of their new stuff at their MySpace page, especially “No Salvation” and “Veronica Lake” and “I’m Watching You” and, well, all of ’em. I gotta get the scratch together to add this to my Hellacopters record collection.

More Hellacopters coming soon…

Various Artists — Wave News – The New Generation of Music

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Various Artists -- Wave News - The New Generation of Music

“Wave News”? Must be a German thing. Gotta love that sweet colored vinyl. We’ll definitely keep this “limitierte auflage” compilation because it’s a crazy mixed bag of “new generation” music from 1980 and ’81, released in ’82. I split the foldout in two so you can get a good look a whats-his-face from Depeche Mode. What is he, thirteen? Sporting that look I doubt he made it to lunch before being mistaken for a girl. My favorite track is definitely “Disco Man” by The Damned, followed closely by “Countdown” by U.K. Subs. Mary says she got this at a record store in D.C.

Tracklisting from

A1 Depeche Mode New Life (3:42)
A2 Damned, The Disco Man (3:18)
A3 Max Meldau Shutdown (3:46)
A4 Lovely Previn From A To B (3:13)
A5 Eyeless In Gaza Faceless (3:11)
A6 Jo Broadberry & The Standouts Footsteps In The Dark (3:26)
A7 China Doll China Doll (3:18)
A8 Medium Medium Hungry, So Angry (3:56)
B1 Au Pairs Inconvenience (2:55)
B2 Fad Gadget Pedestrian (3:14)
B3 Dead Kennedys Too Drunk To F… (2:39)
B4 Thomas Leer Letter From America (4:36)
B5 Exploited, The Hitler’s In The Charts Again (2:36)
B6 Eddie Maelov & Sunshine Patteson* Another Teardrop (3:46)
B7 Bloodless Pharaos Bloodless Pharao (6:09)
B8 UK Subs Countdown (4:55)

Various — Back From the Grave Volume One

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Back From the Grave Volume One

I would keep this one for the sleeve art alone. The music is fun too. I said everything I can think of about this series when I posted Volume 4, one year ago this week. The most well-known song on Back From the Grave Volume One (1985), to me at least, is probably “That’s the Bag I’m In” by The Fabs. It’s also the rockin’est. On the back the artists’ names are written “Fabs”, “Jujus”, “Rats,” etc. Because everyone of them is a “The” name! Those were The days.

I’ve never met a girl who can be my friend
The only money I’ve got is Chinese yen (some currency confusion there – TS)
They’ll probably drop the bomb the day my ship comes in
I want a steady girl who could be tall and thin
That’s bag I’m in!

The Fabs

Back From the Grave at Wikipedia

Gearhead Magazine #10 Single: Hellacopters and Rocket From the Crypt

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Gearhead Magazine #10 Single: Hellacopters and Rocket From the Crypt

Hellacopters! Rocket From the Crypt! When I’m having a good day these bands are part of the imaginary soundtrack of my life. I can’t get enough roots rock/punk rock. This 1999 double band single, Hellacopters’ “Crimson Ballroom” and Rocket From the Crypt’s “Delorean,” was put out by Gearhead Magazine, and included with issue #10. In my fantasy life Gearhead is the “lifestyle” magazine.

This record is a seven inch vinyl disk to be played at 45 revolutions per minute. I’ve included a pic of the vinyl so the kids can see what I’m talking about. I’m doing it all for the kids.

The Hellacopters
Rocket From The Crypt
Gearhead Magazine covers