SGM – Aggression

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SGM - Aggression

  • Artist: SGM
  • Title: Aggression
  • Year: 1988
  • Format: Vinyl 12 in.
  • Rating (1-10): 1
  • Owner: Tracy
  • Acquired: 1988 – We got this as a promo at our store RIP Records in Norfolk, VA.
  • Keeper: No

Updated November 14, 2006

SGM, not to be confused with the prog-metal band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. The latter makes some pretty interesting and sophisticated music. This album is so bad I considered not even documenting it. The only thing that changed my mind is that the cover art is a painting by Robert Williams. This is a lame metal/punk “crossover” album with moronic lyrics.

For another opinion on SGM’s Aggression see this interview at the metal site An excerpt is below:

What is the most embarrassing album in your own private album collection. (How/why did you get it?)
It is an LP of SGM called aggression. I think I heard it just once! I bought it by mailorder because of the description of the music style. So, this is a good example for listen to the music before buying it. I never had disappointment like that again.